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I'm a Web Developer in Vancouver, WA with a passion for building Ruby on Rails applications.


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Dustin Schaerer Consulting


I’ve run a web development studio located in Vancouver, Washington since 2005 with a passion for building Ruby on Rails & JavaScript applications.  I specialize in  modern, highly customized e-commerce, content management and client management solutions, and would love to build your next Ruby on Rails and/or Ember.js application.

I pride myself on listening to my clients needs and providing the right solution for the problem. Embracing agile methodologies, I can easily adapt our project to any new requirements or functionality discovered through the process of building your application.  I make sure to build the right product, and I build it right.




Web Development

I build both front-ends and back-ends for modern websites and applications.  I’ve been building sites professionally since 2005, and am highly proficient in HTML/CSS/JS.

Ruby on Rails Power

The power, flexibility and beauty of Ruby on Rails applications is well known by now.  Be part of the future with a Rails 5 app, or supercharge your legacy Rails projects by moving up to Rails 5.

JavaScript – Front Ends of the Future

Achieve blazing fast performance, beautiful, intuitive user interfaces, seamless page transitions and usability that doesn’t just meet the requirements, it actually exceeds your expectations.

Cloud Hosted Applications

We can deploy your application in the cloud and scale it horizontally as your success snowballs.  We proudly use Heroku, AWS, Engine Yard, and NineFold for cloud hosting.

Clean Modern Code

Writing documented, tested and clean code is the heart of my work.  Modern applications need routine updates and patches to maintain the highest current security practices, and clean code is key in successful refactoring.

Search Engine Optimaization

A great site isn’t a great site if it doesn’t have any seach engine visibilty.  SEO is a primary driving aspect in designing your website, not an afterthought or generic keyword stuffing.

100% Responsive Design

If your site only looks great on desktop computers, you’re really missing out. Responsive design is now a MUST since users are connecting to sites on an increasing numbers of different devices. I’ve been delivering responsive designs since they were cutting-edge.

Customized E-Commerce

Heavily customized e-commerce applications are one of our specialties.  By leveraging the power of Rails or customizing and tweeking the OpenCart platform, I deliver online stores that work, are fully secure, and 100% awesome.

Single Page Apps (SPA’s)

Single Page Apps have exploded onto the scene the last couple of years with a big splash, and for good reason.  The speed and usability of these apps have rocketed into the future with modern JavaScript libraries.


I’ve been professionally coding for over 10 years, and love to use new tools that make work more productive or a little more fun.  I specialize in building custom e-commerce solutions for businesses with atypical checkout or purchase flows or with specialized purchasing conditions outside the realm of a traditional online store, such as quote systems. I love building Ruby on Rails backed applications with beautifully usable JavaScript based front ends, and also enjoy working with RESTful APIs. I can speak PHP when forced to.

My current favorite tools are Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Docker, Ember.js, HTML/CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LocomtiveCMS, WordPress & OpenCart.

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Ruby on Rails


Single Page Applications




Responsive Design






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Some Recent Work

Custom e-Commerce with Ruby on Rails





This Ruby on Rails application features a highly customized, fully responsive e-commerce and content and management solution centered around an atypical checkout/payment flow. This site is completely secured with SSL encryption and offers robust and flexible authentication & authorization systems, beautifully designed, intuitive administration area, and is completely scalable at its cloud based host.

Technologies Utilized:

Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, SASS, Bootstrap 3, PostgreSQL, HAML, Arbre

Single Page Application with Responsive Design

Cu29 Studio


This HTML5/JavaScript Single Page Application was designed for a copper artist’s personal portfolio site, on a tight budget.  I fully designed the responsive site layout, typography, and style standards to give the project a professional yet personal image, with an artisan touch.

Technologies Utilized:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap




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